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Our Brand


When we started out on our journey we recognised our brand must be given the time and attention it deserves. Time and attention which we understood would be in short supply when establishing a business.


We engaged the highly talented Erica Choi Agency to help us get the best results.  Her past experience in our industry coupled with her Impressive portfolio made her agency our first choice. We feel lucky to have had Erica so hands-on throughout this exciting process and we are delighted with her work.


We wanted to the brand to transmit the key messages in our mission statement - Creative, Versatile and Capable. We hope you enjoy exploring our brand.


Marketing guru, Ruth Murphy, imagined the name "Tent" for our team.  It immediately resonated with us. Aside from both co-founders living, working and socialising in the "Tenters" area in Dublin 8, the structure of a tent has an important place in our structural DNA. 


Without diving too deep into spaces that give us inspiration, such as the innovative and ground-breaking work completed by Freo Otto in Tensile and membrane structures -  for us, a tent represent the most simplest form of structural sanctuary. A structure which has existed for thousands of years and has been value engineered to something which can be less than a kilogram and erected in minutes. The smart use of materials and the visible development and improvement of a millenia old structure inspires.  For us that versatility, use and reuse of something so light-weight represent sustainability and value engineering at its core.

Our logo is a representation of a square geometry with straight lines and a sense of repetition, which may be familiar towards shear walls in a building - a strong core and stability.  The 'T's' are derived from steel T-sections, often used in our profession to optimise weights, cost and aesthetics.

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