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National Construction Summit 2022


On the 3rd of March the National Construction Summit in Blanchardstown will accomodate 2000 industry delegates. Tent Engineering is proud to be speaking at the annual event. 

Our topic 'Achieving a Sustainable & Connected Design' provides a thought-provoking interpretation of sustainability, digital connectivity and where it may lead us in the near future. We cover the origins of modern sustainability and how it has been developed and transformed over the years. 

The presentation progresses to discuss digital connectivity. On both a personal and business level we all adapted at a fast pace in the last two years. Our industry leaders on the digital frontier have succesfully guided the industry towards safety, but which changes are here to stay? And what is next?

We expand on the impact an engineering consultancy can make, and the importance of leading rather than following. Our combined decisions have a significant and tangible impact on every project. Therefore it is paramount to have a complete and informed understanding of the choices we make. This section covers not only the ability of materials and processes to maintain itself over time, but also includes the importance of a systematic, organized approach to providing necessary functions in a project. Key sub-topics involve off-site manufacturing, value engineering, mental health and the Autodesk Docs evolvement into a powerful CDE.

Join us on the 3rd of March 2022 at the Sport Ireland Campus in Blanchardstown, and meet us after the speaking event. We would love to hear your own opinions and insights.


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