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2 Chimney Way

The front of the site falls under the classification of "taken in charge," and this aspect was meticulously detailed in accordance with specific specifications for public-side works outlined by Irish Water. Our close collaboration with the main contractor, BKRN, extended to the completion of temporary works on the scheme, ensuring efficiency and seamless integration with permanent works where possible.

The 2 Chimney Way Project is characterized by a concrete frame structure situated in close proximity to sensitive neighbors. A comprehensive site investigation was meticulously scoped, leading to the efficient use of shallow pad foundations. The project demanded careful detailing to ensure that any interface with the boundary wall would not adversely impact neighboring properties. Integrating Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) measures onto the tight site posed a challenge, while maintaining connections with the public network.

2 Chimney Way

Showcases our ability to navigate complex challenges inherent in close-quarter construction.



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